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White Chocolate and Lavender Latte

white chocolate and lavender latte

A few months ago I stopped at a local coffee shop, and I decided to order a white chocolate lavender mocha, the only reason I ordered one was that they had a company offering sample mini cups out the front. Must have been a chocolate company doing a promo with the cafe.

I took one sip and thought WOW! The lavender was hard to describe – It was just very light and pleasant and went so well with the white chocolate. The sample cup was not enough.. (sucked in I was)

What you will need

White Chocolate and Lavender Latte

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By MILKLAB Serves: 1
Cooking Time: less then 2 min


  • 1 cup MILKLAB® Lactose Free Dairy Milk
  • 20g white chocolate
  • 1/2 drop of lavender oil (edible)
  • Lavender buds to garnish



Melt white chocolate in base of the cup


Add lavender oil to the melted chocolate


Add a small amount of steamed milk to chocolate and stir in to form a base shot.


Pour remaining steamed milk into the cup


Garnish with lavender buds.

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